Kickboxing is a sport that has grown in popularity recently. Its main benefit is that it gets you into excellent shape — Just think of the shape boxers have to be in, in order to stay on their feet, bobbing and weaving, constantly moving, while trying to punch each other out for ten or twelve three minute rounds!

We, at Team USA Taekwon-Do Fitness, have put together a one-hour workout for you that is based on a combination of traditional Taekwon-Do and professional kickboxing. It’s a total body workout that guarantees results. Our kickboxing class incorporates not only the popular air-kicking techniques, but students also make contact with punching bags.

You’ll hit the heavy bag-which is a form of resistance training-and that will build power in your upper body. Kicking drills will trim your hips, develop leg power and help your balance. Crunches and other abdominal exercises will toughen up your abs. Stretching will help your circulation and flexibility. Our Kickboxing classes offers a great cardio workout, weight loss, strengthening, self-defense and everyone gets personal attention.

So if you’re eager to get into shape and want a workout designed to cover all the bases, give Team USA kickboxing a try.

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