Learning self-defense benefits you both physically and mentally. Through training at Team USA Taekwon-Do Fitness you will experience the following:

Improved fitness
Improved confidence
Improved self-discipline
Increased Self-awareness
Increased problem solving abilities
Enables you to deal with situations gently, efficiently, and calmly

Children as young as four years old can benefit from training at Team USA Taekwon-Do Fitness. Our curriculum includes all the fun and exciting moves that kids love and initiates them into a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our philosophy promotes respect, discipline, confidence and self-defense skills in a safe, fun and positive environment.

Training in Taekwon-Do is an excellent way for teens to learn self-defense and at the same time improve athletic ability, endurance and self-discipline. The importance of proper training, adequate rest, good nutrition and the avoidance of anything that would reduce mental and physical health are essential elements to mastering the martial arts and part of the philosophy of our school.

Confidence, speed and power is what is needed to stop an attacker. Women learn how to overcome an opponent through the use of leverage and techniques that strike to vulnerable points. Weight management is also a direct benefit of Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, and/or Sparring.

The late Great Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi continued to teach and perform his martial arts for the public into his eighties. The health benefits of Taekwon-Do are undisputed and remains unsurpassed as a complete form of training.