Master Bernard was Jamaica’s Olympic TKD coach for the London 2012 Olympic Games. During the Olympic selection process he had two students vying for the Olympics. Merissa Pico, for the USA and Kenneth Edwards, for Jamaica.

Merissa Pico started training at Team USA Taekwondo Fitness when she was 3 years old. She is a 4 time USA Jr National Team member and 2011 Pan Am champion. Merissa completed 9 phases out of 10 in the Olympic qualifier to be the 2nd alternate for the 2012 Olympics.

Kenneth Edwards started training with Master Bernard in 2007. He qualified in the +80 kg weight division at the 2012 Pan Am Olympic qualifier in Guadalajara, Mexico. The three countries to qualify from the Pan Am region in the +80 kg weight division were Canada, Cuba and Jamaica. They made history when Kenneth became the first Jamaican Taekwondo athlete to qualified for an Olympic games.

” It was an honor to be selected to coach Kenneth at the 2012 Olympic Games. We both had a wonderful experience living, training, competing and coaching at the Olympics. Upon arriving in London we were escorted off the plane through emigration to the olympic village and back and forth to the different venues during our stay. The olympic living quarters were very accommodating and the training facilities had all the amenities one would ever need, such as matted floors, Dae Do computer system, music, kicking paddles and shields, towels, water, energy drinks, ice, massage therapy, acupuncture etc. We were able to maintain a healthy diet from numerous selections of food from various countries. Meals were available 24 hours to accommodate the athletes. There was also a medical facility “Polly Clinic”, which was available to all athletes and coaches at no cost. Services at the Polly Clinic included eye care, dental work, message therapy and acupuncture to name a few. I have worked very hard over the past 20 years on educating myself in the Martial Arts. I have also dedicated myself to helping my students achieve their goals. Being a coach in the 2012 London Olympics Games was one of the best and most rewarding experience of my Martial Arts career”.