THE EDGE. Elite Footwork. The secret to faster kicking and better sparring. After many years of researching and experimenting, Master Bernard has put together this step by step video that will cover the basic guidelines that anyone should follow when learning or teaching sparring and kicking. This video has a step by step progression from beginner to advanced level. Whether you already know how to kick or you are just learning, you’ll discover that the secret to executing fast, effective kicks lies within your footwork. A part of Master Bernard’s research was observing some of the best fighters in the world in many different Martial Arts disciplines. Also, while researching and experimenting with many of his students, he has received remarkable results from teaching his footwork routine. This video is the first of its kind. THE EDGE is the best and most comprehensive video on the market. Not only will you find this video interesting and useful, but it will also give you a new way of looking at your training and help you better understand and improve the things you are already doing.

-Master Alvin Bernard, Olympic Coach

  • THE EDGE. Elite Footwork