Scott L. Lanin, Esq

“I have been taking Mr. Bernard’s adult kickboxing classes for years and love the workout. Before I tried these classes, I had earned a black belt in Taekwon do in 1987 and trained in kickboxing and other martial arts for about 20 years. After moving to Fort Lee, I was looking for someone who could give me a fun energetic workout without all of the formality of traditional martial arts. I found it here.

The classes are set to upbeat music and combine many aspects of modern and traditional training. Classes usually start out with a warm-up – jumping jacks and some light aerobic activity – and then proceed to stretching. He keeps the routine varied to make things interesting but sticks to the fundamentals so that students can mark their improvement over time in strength, flexibility and speed. Classes can involve floor work for the abs and legs, medicine balls, light weightlifting with dumbbells, and then punching and kicking portable heavy bags (usually with a partner).The classes are a perfect combination of kickboxing and martial arts moves (including tae kwon do), cardio, and weight training. Students wear loose comfortable clothes and bag gloves (smaller boxing gloves). Some, like me, wear karate or tae kwon do pants and a tank top. Classes are set in a comfortable social atmosphere where you can train with familiar faces. Students have various levels of ability from beginner to the very advanced, and it doesn’t really matter what level you are at. Each person goes at his own pace. Women and men of all shapes and sizes share the workout.

We are all amazed every time at how much Mr. Bernard gets out of us – we dig deep and find an inner strength to get stronger. I have tried tae bo, various tapes, and weightlifting at home for years and I can never get as much out of a workout on my own. Alvin is a highly qualified instructor with many years of experience as an instructor and competitor. He has designed an exciting workout that always leaves me feeling better for days – healthier and more balanced mentally. I have juvenile diabetes and am a lawyer for a living – not exactly the best combination to stay healthy. I can’t think of a better way to stay healthy and manage stress than taking these classes. I have very little free time and the classes are managed very efficiently – a lot of variety and sweat is packed into each one hour class.

I also have a daughter who is nearly 7 years old who has been taking Mr. Bernard’s children’s tae kwon do classes since she was 3 and 1/2. I have been very impressed with her progress. I love watching her practice sparring with the boys and holding her own. I have talked with other parents who watch their children train as well. All of the parents are very comfortable having Mr. Bernard teach their children, some of which have gone on to compete very successfully at the national level. The program is traditional and the children wear uniforms and train at the various belt levels. They learn forms and get promoted only when they earn it (unfortunately some other schools promote anyone who pays for a belt leaving children with a false sense of security). Here, the kids exercise and learn self-defense while their confidence and self-esteem grows – and all the while they are having fun. They learn about the basic concepts of tae kwon do, including respect for others and themselves and they develop integrity and character. The classes do require effort but that only serves to show the children what they are capable of doing once they put their minds to it. My wife and I intend to have our 3 year old daughter start as a white belt in a few months also.

I have trained with many martial arts instructors over the years, including some champion professional fighters. Mr. Bernard is one of the very best I have ever seen. I highly recommend his kickboxing classes and children’s tae kwon do classes to everyone.”

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