Michael SCALA-Edgewater, NJ

“I’ll never forget the day I first walked through the door of Team USA Taekwon-Do Fitness—–I weighed 205 lbs. and was totally miserable with myself. That’s when I met Head Instructor Mr. Alvin Bernard. After admiring all of his awards and medals on display, I sat down & spoke with him about my goals(the major one was to lose weight of course) and he looked me right in the eyes and said “you take my course and I guarantee you’ll lose weight and fast!” Well to make a long story short, I signed up, followed his advise and it’s about 4 months later, and I now weigh 172 lbs—a loss of 33 lbs!!!

Thanks to Mr. Bernard, I’m in the best shape of my life! I’ve been to various schools before, but I was never able to follow through with any of them until now-the other schools always made me feel as if I were a cash machine where every other month I was paying a fee to take a promotion test well before I was ready to advance to the next level. But now, I’ve finally found someone who is actually dedicated to his students and the proper teaching of the art of Taekwon-Do.

Let me warn you, if your sole purpose to come to his school is to “buy a black belt”, this isn’t the place for you. There are many schools in the yellow book where you can do that, but at Team USA Taekwon-Do Fitness, only hard work and dedication will earn you a promotion—just as Mr. Bernard’s hard work & dedication has earned my trust!”

Edgewater, NJ

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