Sara Bunn

Dear Sir,

As a parent of one of your students, I want to take the opportunity to thank you and your close-working associates for all that you do for your Taekwon-do students. You have helped to instill in my child a deep and profound sense of discipline, integrity, compassion, commitment, and dedicated loyalty not only to the sport of Taekwon-do, but in all the aspects of her life. Her association with Team USA and your teachings have given her a stable foundation upon which she continues to flourish in academics wherein she is a Top Honor Roll Student excelling in chemistry and dance; in her social standing within her community where she is known as a young lady full of grace with a wonderful reputation; and of course she continues to Honor the Lord within her spiritual family at Abyssinian Baptist Church. She is determined to attend Rutgers University or Farleigh Dickenson just so she can remain close to home and to you to continue her studies in martial arts. I thank you for all you have done to show her that the premise of engaging in sports activities is not only to win but also to participate honorably. We are all looking forward to the next Scrimmage Skills training session with Team United, as the last session was a great success. Now that the children understand what to expect, I believe they will come even more prepared to work even harder than before and this is the wonderful quality that you instill in our children. It is a gift most appreciated.

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