Karen S. Goldfarb

One year ago this month I decided I needed a change in my life. I walked into one of Alvin’s classes and fell in love with kickboxing and exercise. At that point I started twice a week and then proceeded to take privates with Alvin and then added another 2 times a week. I was kickboxing 5 times a week. Last August I decided to go on a hiking trip to Italy this May. I’ve never hiked before but thought that the kickboxing would help me with the endurance of the 5 hour hikes a day. Well I was correct, not only was I able to hike 4 to 6 hours a day with no problem, I led the 14 people in the mountains. I was the only person who had never hiked a day in her life and yet I was able keep up and pass them all by on the mountains. If it wasn’t for the kickboxing I would have been on the bottom of the mountain waiting for the group daily. The classes have changed my body, I’m now two sizes smaller than I was a year ago and I have a strength in my legs and arms that was never there before. More importantly my mind is so clear and strong when I’m taking Alvin’s classes, his commitment to his students and the art is so motivating that when you leave his class you feel you can do anything you set your mind out to do. Karen Goldfarb, Fort Lee NJ

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